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Room Type Male Female Prices Per Person
With BBH Club Card With No BBH Club Card
Max People : 1
$35.00 Standard Rate
$39.00 Standard Rate
Max People : 2
$30.00 Standard Rate
$34.00 Standard Rate
Max People : 12
$25.00 Standard Rate
$29.00 Standard Rate
Family/Group Rooms Male Female Prices Per Room
With BBH Club Card With No BBH Club Card
Family 4 double
With Double
Max Rooms : 1
$104.00 Standard Rate
$120.00 Standard Rate
Maximum group size = 6 people
Special Rate for Dates shown
All beds fully made-up

First Choice Selections With BBH Club Card No BBH Club Card
Please select arrival date, number of nights and the number of males and females in each room.
Alternate Room Choices
Increase your chances of finding accommodation first time round by making up to 3 alternative room choices in case your first choice selections are not available.
Additional information
NOTE: If you have children under 16 in your party or have any special requirements you must enter them here.


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