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Showing Hostels In 'Southern Lakes / Fiordland'
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Town/CityHostel NameOfficial
BBP Rating
of Votes
MakaroraMakarora Tourist ServicesxxxRate Hostel
TarrasPhil's Budget BackpackerxxxRate Hostel
WanakaAlbert Town LodgexxxRate Hostel
WanakaAltamont LodgexxxRate Hostel
WanakaBase WanakaxxxRate Hostel
WanakaBullock Creek LodgexxxRate Hostel
WanakaFlying Kiwi Backpackers HostelxxxRate Hostel
WanakaHollys Backpackers80794Rate Hostel
WanakaLake Hawea Hostel63630Rate Hostel
WanakaMatterhorn SouthxxxRate Hostel
WanakaMountain View Backpackers80816Rate Hostel
WanakaWanaka Bakpaka908923Rate Hostel
WanakaWanaka Motor CampxxxRate Hostel
WanakaYHA Wanaka (The Purple Cow)xxxRate Hostel
WanakaYHA Wanaka Old (See Ref 474)xxxRate Hostel
CromwellCromwell BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
CromwellPinot LodgexxxRate Hostel
AlexandraAlexandra BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
AlexandraGold DiggersxxxRate Hostel
AlexandraMarj's PlacexxxRate Hostel
AlexandraTwo Bob FlashpackersxxxRate Hostel
ArrowtownPoplar LodgexxxRate Hostel
ArrowtownRiverdown GuesthousexxxRate Hostel
QueenstownAbsoloot Value AccommodationxxxRate Hostel
QueenstownAdventure Q2xxxRate Hostel
QueenstownAdventure QueenstownxxxRate Hostel
QueenstownAlpine Lodge66673Rate Hostel
QueenstownAspen Lodge787710Rate Hostel
QueenstownBackpackers Downtown Lodge (now YHA Central)xxxRate Hostel
QueenstownBase Queenstown (Discovery Lodge)xxxRate Hostel
QueenstownBlack Sheep LodgexxxRate Hostel
QueenstownBumbles HostelxxxRate Hostel
QueenstownBungi BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
QueenstownButterfli Lodge77796Rate Hostel
QueenstownCardrona Alpine ResortxxxRate Hostel
QueenstownDeco Backpackers68679Rate Hostel
QueenstownHaka Lodge QueenstownxxxRate Hostel
QueenstownHippo Lodge75723Rate Hostel
QueenstownHotel EsplanadexxxRate Hostel
QueenstownLakeside BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
QueenstownMcFees Waterfront Lodge (now YHA Central)xxxRate Hostel
QueenstownNomads QueenstownxxxRate Hostel
QueenstownPinewood LodgexxxRate Hostel
QueenstownQueenstown Lodge (VIP)xxxRate Hostel
QueenstownReavers LodgexxxRate Hostel
QueenstownScallywags Travellers' Guesthouse77782Rate Hostel
QueenstownSouthern Laughter:Sir CedricsxxxRate Hostel
QueenstownTahuna Hostel: Sir CedricsxxxRate Hostel
QueenstownThe Flaming Kiwi Backpackers848010Rate Hostel
QueenstownThe Last ResortxxxRate Hostel
QueenstownThe Last Resort Queenstown76762Rate Hostel
QueenstownThe Lost SockxxxRate Hostel
QueenstownThomas's Hostel on the Waterfront (now Absoloot)xxxRate Hostel
QueenstownYHA Queenstown CentralxxxRate Hostel
QueenstownYHA Queenstown LakefrontxxxRate Hostel
GlenorchyGlenorchy Backpackers RetreatxxxRate Hostel
GlenorchyGlenorchy Holiday ParkxxxRate Hostel
GlenorchyKinloch LodgexxxRate Hostel
MossburnTarahau LodgexxxRate Hostel
Lake Te AnauBarnyard Backpackers888921Rate Hostel
Lake Te AnauBob and Maxine's Backpackers939411Rate Hostel
Lake Te AnauFiordland National Park LodgexxxRate Hostel
Lake Te AnauGrumpy's BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
Lake Te AnauMountain View CabinsxxxRate Hostel
Lake Te AnauRosies Backpacker Homestay909313Rate Hostel
Lake Te AnauSteamers Beach Backpackers70734Rate Hostel
Lake Te AnauTe Anau Holiday ParkxxxRate Hostel
Lake Te AnauTe Anau Lakefront Bpkrs73755Rate Hostel
Lake Te AnauYHA Te AnauxxxRate Hostel
Milford SoundMilford Sound LodgexxxRate Hostel
Milford SoundMilford Wanderer YHA AssociatxxxRate Hostel
Lake ManapouriFreestone Backpackers81794Rate Hostel
Lake ManapouriManapouri Lakeview BackpackerxxxRate Hostel
Lake ManapouriPossum Lodge Motels & Holiday ParkxxxRate Hostel
Doubtful SoundDeep Cove HostelxxxRate Hostel
Doubtful SoundFiordland Navigator YHA AssocxxxRate Hostel
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