What is BBH?
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Affordable, friendly accommodation almost everywhere in New Zealand. 
BBH guaranteed prices will help you plan your visit on a limited budget.
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BBH Accommodation Guide

BBH 46th Guide Edition

Listing a wide variety of hostels throughout New Zealand, BBH Accommodation Guides can be picked up from any BBH Hostel, most i-Sites, or ordered here online at this website, or...

DOWNLOAD the PDF to your deviceInfo may change 1 May annually

BBH is committed to helping you stay longer!

  • Save on Accommodation Costs from $4 pp / night
  • FREE Vodafone Sim card
  • Deals and Discounts on Activities and Transport

Also available for purchase from any BBH Hostel.

BBH NZ Travel App

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  • BBH Hostel
  • DoC tramps and Huts
  • Public Parks
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