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Thursday 27 April 2017
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Submitted On:21 April 2017
Phone:+64 2102654029
Price Range:over $2500
Vehicle Type:Van


2005 Toyota Estima 184xxx km 4WD, 1st Gen Campervan, fully equipped, great condition, WOF 11/17 Rego 9/17

After 5 months travelling around New Zealand we want to sell our spacious and comfy campervan. Our car is a first generation campervan, fully equipped and in a very good condition. We took good care of our temporary home and fueled only 95 or above for the sake of the engine. The Toyota Estima a very popular backpacker car and known for its reliability. We had not a single issue with the car and loved the pleasant and smooth driving. The car is not as old as most of the other cars and also has a low mileage, so it is definitely worth buying. A lot of people that bought older cars had to spend more money than expected for repairs, so buying a cheap old car is not necessarily paying off. We decided that we don't want to worry about our car falling apart and want to enjoy your time in NZ and never regretted the decision to spend a little bit more to get a better and newer car. We had a great time with our car and hope that you will enjoy the car as much as we did.

Here are some specs and the equipment:

- Toyota Estima

- 2005 model

- WoF until 11/17

- Rego until 09/17

- Mileage only 184xxx km

- Automatic transmission

- engine size 2.4 L, 156 HP (way enough power to take steep roads easily)

- 70 L tank (so no worries in areas with few gas stations)

- 8-10 L fuel consumption

- on-demand four-wheel drive (great for NZ's gravel roads!)

- air conditioning

- electric windows (all 4 doors) and electric mirrors

- tinted rear window

- central locking system (with both keys)

- tires in a very good condition

- oil and filter changed recently

- spare tire underneath the car

- CD player + bluetooth FM transmitter

- kitchen with sink

- 2 x 12 volt sockets for charging your devices

- Prorack roof rack (to transport your sports gear)

- a lot of storage space (space for 4x 60L boxes + 2 60L backpacks + a lot of other stuff under the bed and enough space in the kitchen for food, cooking utensils, dishes etc)

- fully equipped (e.g. 2 camping chairs, camping table, gas cooker, pot and pans, crockery, cutlery, kettle, fresh- and wastewater tank for the kitchen, 4 storage boxes fitting under the bed, 3 boxes for the kitchen cupboard, curtains, mattress, 2 sleeping mats, 2 self-inflating sleeping mats, 2 pillows, 2 fleece blankets, 2 sleeping bags (if desired)), fire extinguisher

Price $6000 o.n.o

If you are interested, we would be happy to provide you with some pictures of the car.

Our campervan is available starting from 26th April in Auckland.
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