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Tuesday 21 November 2017
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Submitted On:13 November 2017
Contact:Ali & Phil
Phone:021 084 19987
Location:Nelson Lakes National Park
Job Type:Reception


URGENT: Hostel Manager(s) needed from 11th Dec '17 - 5th Jan '18

Hi there,

Verena and I are currently working as Hostel Managers at the LazyCow Backpackers (look up our bbh-page for a detailed description). Thing is, we'll be having friends visit us here in NZ and are going for a little roadtrip together. So we have a period of about 3 weeks where we will be absent from our duties ( we're looking at the period from 11th Dec '17 - 5th Jan '18).

We need someone ( to fill our shoes during that time since it's getting increasingly busier in good ol' Murch as the summer's creeping out of hibernation and Ali and Phil (the owners) will be busy at the Restaurant.

Your potential duties include (but are not imited to): Bed-making, doing the laundry, maintaining general cleanliness inside 'n outside, processsing bookings (via phone/eMail), check-ins and baking the complimentary muffins for the guests (the latter is fully optional, though).

You're looking at roughly 3-5 hours/Day, depending on how busy it is, with emphasis on the early morning clean-ups and later day check-ins. Saturday is your day off and afternoons are notoriously quiet giving you the chance to switch off or explore the tiny gem that is Murchison.

The Hostel will be closed on 24th/25th Dec giving you the opportunity to have a very relaxed and homey Christmas.

We won't immediately leave on the 11th Dec but rather stay a couple more days to show you the ropes.

If you're interested please get back to us so we can set up a Skype Interview.


David and Verena & Ali and Phil

END OF VERY URGENT MESSAGE..., BEEP, KKrz.., stzv.... zZZZz,...rtRtRTtR, ClaCK!
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