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Monday 21 January 2019
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Submitted On:10 January 2019
Job Type:Reception


Allrounder wanted for Reception

We are looking for a kind and friendly traveller to help us at our reception and around the hostel in general. You will be helping 3-4 days per week. You will get the opportunity to stay in a private twin share room in our lovely hostel, plus free unlimited WiFi and off course free use of facilities. Enjoy the other 3-4 days to enjoy the beach or explore all the exciting things Christchurch has to offer. Often our workers find other paid work for a couple of days in the city to boost their travel funds.

If you haven't done this type of work before, don't worry, this role is all about learning the ropes on how to run a hostel, including bookings, answering the phone, showing guests around, organizing guest entertainment nights and much more. We will teach you as much as you want to learn about hostels. It’s an opportunity to volunteer in our hostel for an Internship. All we need of you is that you must love working with people, speak very good English, be willing to learn and to do a really good job.

Because we are committed to training and teaching you everything you want to learn, we ask for a minimum commitment of three months, so you will get a solid work experience, learn a ton of new skills and knowledge all while 'part of the family'. Often our staff team organizes activities in the afternoons together or have shared lunches or dinner, sometimes with guests, sometimes 'just the family'. Either way, it's fun being part of it all for a while and if you are interested, we'd love to hear from you.

We are looking for someone to start as soon as possible, and do require your three months commitment.

If you are in Christchurch already, please pop into the hostel between 11am and 4pm, to have a chat with us, with some of the current helpers, take a walk around our beautiful hostel and inspect our staff house so you could see where you could be living for a while.

If you are not in Christchurch yet, please phone us or drop us an email with your planned arrival date and your plans for Christchurch.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!
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