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Guaranteed prices for Frequent Sleepers

NZ's hostel network is very special. We think it's unequalled anywhere. It's special because it's grown to meet the requirements of a special sort of traveller. As it's grown it has become more sophisticated and now has an appeal for casual users who enjoy the informal and unpretentious atmosphere. But the network still exists primarily to cater for the confirmed traveller and the BBH Club Card is intended to identify these traditional users as FREQUENT SLEEPERS. Club Card holders receive the benefit of guaranteed prices as listed on this site and other "official" BBH price lists including the printed BBH guide. Non Club members have no guarantee and may have to pay extra fees (commonly $4 plus) at any BBH hostel.

In addition, we've collected together a number of "Backpacker Friendly Companies" who offer Backpacker Friendly Prices (discounts and deals) to travellers identified with the BBH Club Card. Dozens of friendly fees are offered by all sorts of operators throughout NZ.

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