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3 super packed with long termers (- not much space in the kitchen or lounge), shower/toilet downstairs was good. Got a twin room instead of the single I had booked. Really stank - the carpet around the miniature sink seems to rot. 27 Jun 17
11 Just avoid it ! The kitchen is gross, too small, you don't have space to put your stuff And the rooms are not finished... I'm travelling in NZ for almost 2 months and staying in backpackers.. i've never seen something so dirty,messy 08 Jun 17
27 So nice place but so untidy and disrespecting guests. Guests tell "it is normal to get food stolen, it happens all the time"... Really nice small garden area with roses and picnic tables. Dishwasher but people don't rinse first.. Very kind staff. 23 Apr 17
15 It was okay but there are better options for Christchurch. 19 Apr 17
11 Be prepared - this place is like a huge student house. No one washes their dishes and isn't that considerate of those who want a quieter time. However the double room we were in was clean but the bathrooms and kitchen were not! 08 Apr 17
4 noisy until late at night. big group of (partially very loud) longtermers. didn't feel comfortable. 02 Feb 17

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