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free wifi: yippee..we have managed to increase daily data to 400mb on average. Cable broadband is not available. We connect through the new rural 4g network. It can be fast but it is costly to us so please be happy with this free allowance. You can purchase more. Note for Share Facility Guests: We use compost toilets in the daytime. They help to keep our ground water clean so you can drink from our stream. Worth it surely. There is a flush loo in the house for night time. Safe travels.

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10 I loved this hostel. I would give it 10+. Location is perfect with beach and bush. Peaceful, cosy-furnished and decorated with care. Clean, comfortable.. Space outside and in. Johnathan and all make you feel welcome and at home. A very special place. 19 Feb 20
13 I love this place. So relaxing. Great kitchen and living room. Wonderful Garden and not far from the beach. Golden Bay and Farewell Spit are fantastic. 25 Jan 20

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