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City Garden Lodge 8 Our room wasn't very clean when we arrived. The kitchen is too small for so many people. And the kitchen doesn't have enough cutlery, utensils and plates. They could wipe the tables where the guests eat as well. The location of the hostel is nice. 09 Jun 17
Mousetrap 14 A great hostel! We had a double room. The mattress wasn't very comfortable and there is only limited wifi. But the kitchen was well equipped and the bathrooms were clean. The flower Potpourrie with a very sweet fragrance in our room – rather omit it. 04 Jun 17
Endless Summer Lodge 10 A very cool hostel! We had loved to stay longer – huge double room, REAL bathrooms (like at home)! The house is maintained, free boards for surfing the sand dunes! 04 Jun 17
Bunkdown Lodge 5 What a nice hostel! We had a great room and the hosts were very nice and helpful! A heater in the room would be nice! 04 Jun 17
Rotorua Central Backpackers 24 Our double room was like a hotel room - very huge, the most comfortable bed on our whole journey! Kitchen was clean. The dishes wasn't and the bathrooms could be a little bit cleaner. But it was a nice stay and we really enjoyed it! 04 Jun 17
A Plus Samurai Lodge 17 A very good place to do the Tongariro Crossing. Nice hosts and a huge kitchen. Great showers! The whole hostel is a little bit outdated and the mattress wasn't very comfortable. 04 Jun 17
Honey Suckle House 21 Thank you so much, Rob! We loved to stay at your hostel again and felt very welcome! 19 Apr 17
Mountain Jade Backpackers 16 Great hostel, huge living room. 14 May 17
Ahuriri Backpackers 6 Great room, very clean, but the community rooms were super cold. 14 May 17
Pavlova Palace 10 Really good internet connection, a great place to stay, but a little bit outdated, the garden was under construction and the hot water in the shower doesn't always worked. 14 May 17
Steamers Beach Backpackers 5 Clean and a great room, but the hostel is too large and very impersonal. 14 May 17
Butterfli Lodge 6 very kind manager, cozy beds, great fireplace, great view. only the bathrooms are a little bit outdated. 26 Apr 17
Vagabond Backpackers 6 It was okay but there are better options for Christchurch. 19 Apr 17
The Jugglers Rest 13 The best hostel! 15 Apr 17

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