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The Jugglers Rest 4 Jugglers Rest is just cosy and comfy! It is a "magic" place with lovely details and various things to play. You can enjoy a nice fire, a chilling bath or cuddle Omi the cat. The fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden are delicious. 12 Mar 18
Worldwide Backpackers 7 +: friendly staff, fast Wifi, free breakfast (cereals). -: big and noisy hostel, the kitchen was just disgusting. I slept in a bed directly under the ceiling and it was quite hot up there. There were only two plugs in the room. 12 Mar 18
Funky Green Voyager 6 The hostel is small and cozy. The rooms and the kitchen are clean and the latter is well equipped. In the room were only two plugs - more would be nice. 12 Mar 18
Verandahs 2 The hostel is small and has a warm atmosphere. The kitchen is clean, big and well equipped. 12 Mar 18
Rainbow Lodge 7 +: clean room and bath, very friendly staff, cute dog, sauna. -: there should be more plugs in the room 12 Mar 18
Tasman Bay Backpackers 4 I highly recommend this hostel. The facilities are very clean and besides the famous chocolate pudding you can ask for a free towel. There were many plugs in the room and all guests could load their devices at the same time. 12 Mar 18

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