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Rotorua Central Backpackers 1 It is close to the center of town. Equipment is good, the inside of the building is beautiful. It is more quiet and easy to spend. You will get an environment above the price 12 Feb 19
Rainbow Lodge 2 If you are looking for a comfortable hostel you will be able to recommend it as one option Above all, it is very good that you can drink drip coffee for free 12 Feb 19
Worldwide Backpackers 1 Access was good, so not bad, I think. but The point that it was such a noisy hostel is not good 12 Feb 19
Tasman Bay Backpackers 1 It is good except that wifi does not work sometimes 12 Feb 19
Tailor-Made-Tekapo Backpackers 2 Although it is in a popular tourist destination, reasonable rates can be likable. It is close to the lake and good access. Facilities were also clean and good 12 Feb 19
The Jugglers Rest 1 A wonderful place I was able to spend comfortably and quietly. I can assure you that it is the top guesthouse in New Zealand 12 Feb 19

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