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Ducks & Drakes Hotel 3 absolutely lovely hostel, very clean and cozy, close to the city and most lovely owner!! super friendly and always there to help, would definitely recommend this place!! 07 Dec 17
Off the Track Backpackers 5 nice atmosphere, free pasta(great after a long hike), free wifi- but the dorm room was absolutely horrible! windows you’re not allowed to open “because of the bugs” (why can’t you open the windows in the main house then?), no air to breathe 07 Dec 17
Raglan Backpackers & Water Front Lodge 6 it is a beautiful hostel with a perfect location, yoga and a shuttle(you have to drive yourself) to the beach. absolutely lovely, but having no wifi was a minus. might be more social but sometimes inevitable. library wifi just until late afternoon 07 Dec 17
Tatahi Lodge 7 beautiful location and very nice and clean hostel- only thing: no wifi, which is possible to purchase but very overpriced 07 Dec 17
Apple Tree Backpackers 1 nice hostel, good location and atmosphere, clean and cozy- would recommend! 07 Dec 17
Rotorua Central Backpackers 13 clean hostel and good location but absolutely unfriendly and rude hostel owners 07 Dec 17
Criterion Art Deco Bpkr 4 nice hostel, great location, tidy and artsy, just like Napier itself. would recommend! 07 Dec 17
Rainbow Lodge 9 really nice hostel, clean, nice atmosphere(very social), good location- would recommend! 07 Dec 17
Worldwide Backpackers 11 good location, free wifi, but very tiny rooms and dirty kitchen 07 Dec 17
The Innlet 2 Absolutely stunning hostel, beautiful views, great location, perfectly clean and very cozy, very nice owners, always up to a nice chat. I can definitely recommend this place! 07 Dec 17
Shambhala 1 It’s an absolutely beautiful place to stay- quiet and far away from everything, seems like paradise. If you need a time-out and like yoga and meditation, you should come and stay here for a while. 07 Dec 17
Honey Suckle House 11 very nice&clean hostel, super cozy and homely. good location aswell and perfectly quiet- good for a time-out. can definitely recommend!! 07 Dec 17
Annies Nirvana Lodge 3 This is by far my favorite hostel in whole New Zealand!! The location is perfect, the house is clean, the garden is very lovely aswell, but most importantly: It feels like home, thanks to Allan&Miyuki. I love this place so much and will come back for sure 07 Dec 17

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