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Town/CityHostel NameOfficial
BBP Rating
of Votes
Cape ReingaWaitiki LandingxxxRate Hostel
Henderson BayNorth Wind Lodge Backpacker80800Rate Hostel
PukenuiBackpacker Heaven Wagener HolidaxxxRate Hostel
PukenuiFarm Backpackers **CLOSED**xxxRate Hostel
PukenuiPukenui Lodge HostelxxxRate Hostel
KaitaiaHike and BikexxxRate Hostel
KaitaiaMainstreet LodgexxxRate Hostel
KaitaiaPirates BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
AhiparaEndless Summer Lodge97969Rate Hostel
AhiparaRusty's Surf LodgexxxRate Hostel
AhiparaThe Old OakxxxRate Hostel
AhiparaYHA Ahipara Backpackers & Holiday ParkxxxRate Hostel
Karikari PeninsulaThe Rusty Anchor **CLOSED**xxxRate Hostel
KahoeKahoe Farms Hostel95951Rate Hostel
WhangaroaSunseeker LodgexxxRate Hostel
Matauri BayThe Welcome SwallowxxxRate Hostel
KerikeriAccommodation WoodlandsxxxRate Hostel
KerikeriAranga Holiday ParkxxxRate Hostel
KerikeriHideaway LodgexxxRate Hostel
KerikeriHone Heke Lodge88880Rate Hostel
KerikeriKeriCentral Guesthouse & BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
KerikeriRelax a Lodge89882Rate Hostel
KerikeriYHA KerikerixxxRate Hostel
PaihiaBase Bay of Islands (Pipi Patch)xxxRate Hostel
PaihiaBay AdventurerxxxRate Hostel
PaihiaCap'n Bob's Beach HousexxxRate Hostel
PaihiaCentabay LodgexxxRate Hostel
PaihiaHaka Lodge PaihiaxxxRate Hostel
PaihiaMayfair Lodge BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
PaihiaMousetrap858614Rate Hostel
PaihiaPeppertree LodgexxxRate Hostel
PaihiaPickled ParrotxxxRate Hostel
PaihiaRiverside LodgexxxRate Hostel
PaihiaSaltwater LodgexxxRate Hostel
PaihiaSeabeds969613Rate Hostel
PaihiaYHA Lodge 11xxxRate Hostel
Opua HarbourPukeko's NestxxxRate Hostel
RussellFerry LandingxxxRate Hostel
RussellKororareka BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
RussellRussell Holiday ParkxxxRate Hostel
RussellRussell LodgexxxRate Hostel
RussellSheltered WatersxxxRate Hostel
RussellThe End of the RoadxxxRate Hostel
RussellWainui Lodge93933Rate Hostel
WhangaruruCowshed BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
WhangaruruForest to Sea BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
WhangaruruThe Coast Road FarmxxxRate Hostel
BroadwoodWaitawa Farm xxxRate Hostel
KohukohuThe Tree House91911Rate Hostel
MitimitiManaia HostelxxxRate Hostel
OpononiHouse of Harmony Bpkrs ** CLOSED**xxxRate Hostel
OpononiOkopako Lodge - Farm Hostel69713Rate Hostel
OmapereGlobetrekkers Lodge87884Rate Hostel
KaihuKaihu FarmxxxRate Hostel
DargavilleDargaville Holiday Park (VIP)xxxRate Hostel
DargavilleGreenhouse Backpackers77784Rate Hostel
RuawaiTravellers Lodge56560Rate Hostel
WhangareiBunkdown Lodge84833Rate Hostel
WhangareiCentral (Hatea House) BackpacxxxRate Hostel
WhangareiHoney Budget B&B 4 BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
WhangareiLittle Earth Lodge94949Rate Hostel
WhangareiPiano Hill FarmxxxRate Hostel
WhangareiThe Cell BlockxxxRate Hostel
WhangareiThe MuralxxxRate Hostel
WhangareiWhangarei Falls BackpackerxxxRate Hostel
WhangareiYHA Whangarei not operating (See Ref 115)xxxRate Hostel
WaipuThe Ebb & FlowxxxRate Hostel
WaipuWaipu Wanderers74740Rate Hostel
Mangawhai HeadsCoastal Cow BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
PaparoaOld Post Office Guest HousexxxRate Hostel
LeighGoat Island Camping and AccommodationxxxRate Hostel
LeighSawmill BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
WarkworthHappy DayzxxxRate Hostel
WarkworthMahurangixxxRate Hostel
WarkworthMatakana BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
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