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Town/CityHostel NameOfficial
BBP Rating
of Votes
Hanmer SpringsHanmer BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
Hanmer SpringsJack in the Green83839Rate Hostel
Hanmer SpringsYHA Associate KakapoxxxRate Hostel
WaiparaWaipara Sleepers71723Rate Hostel
OxfordMagicwaka BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
OxfordOxford Queenette Backpackers811Rate Hostel
Arthurs Pass National ParkFlock Hill LodgexxxRate Hostel
Arthurs Pass National ParkMountain HousexxxRate Hostel
Arthurs Pass National ParkThe Sanctuary66663Rate Hostel
Arthurs Pass National ParkYHA Sir Arthur Dudley DobsonxxxRate Hostel
SpringfieldSpringfield Hotel & QSB BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
SpringfieldYHA Associate Smilie's HostelxxxRate Hostel
Arthurs Pass Nat Park - OtiraRata Lodge Backpackers83843Rate Hostel
ChristchurchAcantech AccommodationxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchAll Stars InnxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchAround-the-World BkprsxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchAt The Right PlacexxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchAvon City BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchBrighton By The BeachxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchCanterbury House BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchCeltic Backpackers 63630Rate Hostel
ChristchurchCharlie B's Backpackers xxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchChester Street Backpackers818410Rate Hostel
ChristchurchCoachman BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchCokers Backpackers xxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchDorset HousexxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchDreamlandxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchDriftersxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchFoley Towers879010Rate Hostel
ChristchurchFrauenreisehaus Womens HostelxxxRate Hostel BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchGet Real BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchHaka Lodge ChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchJailhouse Accommodation84857Rate Hostel
ChristchurchJucy Snooze ChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchKiwi BasecampxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchKiwi HousexxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchNew City HotelxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchNew Excelsior BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchOccidental BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchPoint Break BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchRucksacker Backpacker Hostel78771Rate Hostel
ChristchurchSir Cedric's City Oasis BpkrsxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchStonehurst AccommodationxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchSummer Poly BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchSunshine House AccommodationxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchThe Marine BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchThe Old Countryhouse83831Rate Hostel
ChristchurchTranquil LodgexxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchTunnel Vision Backpackers (Lyttelton) ** CLOSED**xxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchUrbanzxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchVagabond Backpackers75705Rate Hostel
ChristchurchWarners CentralxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchYHA Christchurch (Hereford St)xxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchYHA City CentralxxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchYHA Rolleston HousexxxRate Hostel
ChristchurchYMCAxxxRate Hostel
Akaroa - Barrys BayHalfmoon Cottage989914Rate Hostel
Akaroa - Okains BayDouble Dutch98983Rate Hostel
AkaroaAkaroa Dolphin BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
AkaroaBon Accord BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
AkaroaChez La Mer Backpackers81824Rate Hostel
AkaroaLe Bons Bay BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
AkaroaYHA Associate Mt Vernon LodgexxxRate Hostel
Akaroa - OnukuOnuku Farm Hostel90901Rate Hostel
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