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Town/CityHostel NameOfficial
BBP Rating
of Votes
NelsonAario Backpackers (was Oscars)xxxRate Hostel
NelsonAbode of the BuddhaxxxRate Hostel
NelsonAlmond HousexxxRate Hostel
NelsonAurora BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
NelsonBumbles BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
NelsonClub NelsonxxxRate Hostel
NelsonDowntown BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
NelsonFootprints by the SeaxxxRate Hostel
NelsonGingerbread House xxxRate Hostel
NelsonGolden Lodge (Fellworth House)xxxRate Hostel
NelsonHoney Suckle House88881Rate Hostel
NelsonOtto's BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
NelsonPaddlers InnxxxRate Hostel
NelsonParadiso78762Rate Hostel
NelsonRetreat BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
NelsonShibuixxxRate Hostel
NelsonShortbread CottagexxxRate Hostel
NelsonSpiral Cottage Women's BpkrxxxRate Hostel
NelsonTahuna Beach HostelxxxRate Hostel
NelsonTasman Bay Backpackers90901Rate Hostel
NelsonTaylors Party HostelxxxRate Hostel
NelsonThe BugxxxRate Hostel
NelsonThe Green MonkeyxxxRate Hostel
Nelsonthe INNBetween Lodge & BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
NelsonThe Palace Backpackers80800Rate Hostel
NelsonThe Prince Albert BackpackersxxxRate Hostel
NelsonThe Royal HotelxxxRate Hostel
NelsonTrampers RestxxxRate Hostel
NelsonVilla by the Sea68680Rate Hostel
NelsonWelcome HousexxxRate Hostel
NelsonYHA Nelson CentralxxxRate Hostel
RichmondThe Pear Orchard LodgexxxRate Hostel
Upper MoutereTipi StayxxxRate Hostel
GlenhopeHu Ha Farmstay88880Rate Hostel
Nelson Lakes National ParkAlpine ChaletxxxRate Hostel
Nelson Lakes National ParkTravers-Sabine LodgexxxRate Hostel
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