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Hostel NameTown/CityOfficial
BBP Rating
of Votes
A Plus Samurai LodgeTurangi80814Rate Hostel
Adventure Lodge and Motel (VINational Park VillagexxxRate Hostel
Alpine Backpackers HostelOhakunexxxRate Hostel
Astray RotoruaxxxRate Hostel
Astro AccommodationTaupoxxxRate Hostel
Awesome Lodge Backpackers (VIHamiltonxxxRate Hostel
Base Rotorua (Hot Rock Backpackers)RotoruaxxxRate Hostel
Base Taupo (Central Backpackers)TaupoxxxRate Hostel
Bellbird LodgeTurangixxxRate Hostel
Berkenhoff LodgeTaupoxxxRate Hostel
Blarneys RockRotoruaxxxRate Hostel
Blue Duck StationOwhangoxxxRate Hostel
Bradshaw's Travel LodgeTaupoxxxRate Hostel
Buds Backpackers & CottagesWaitomo Te AngaxxxRate Hostel
Cactus Jacks BackpackersRotoruaxxxRate Hostel
Central GreenHamiltonxxxRate Hostel
Century 21 BackpackersRotoruaxxxRate Hostel
Colts 'n' Fillies BackpackersHamiltonxxxRate Hostel
Commercial Hotel (VIP)HamiltonxxxRate Hostel
Crash Palace RotoruaxxxRate Hostel
Cybershed TaupoTaupoxxxRate Hostel
daKune LodgeOhakunexxxRate Hostel
Eagles Nest BackpackersHamiltonxxxRate Hostel
Extreme BackpackersTurangixxxRate Hostel
Finlay Jack's TaupoxxxRate Hostel
Finns Global BackpackersTaupoxxxRate Hostel
Forest LodgeRaurimuxxxRate Hostel
Forty WinksHamiltonxxxRate Hostel
Four Canoes HostelRotoruaxxxRate Hostel
Funky Green VoyagerRotorua86899Rate Hostel
Haka Lodge TaupoTaupoxxxRate Hostel
Hobbiton BackpackersMatamataxxxRate Hostel
Howards Mountain LodgeNational Park VillagexxxRate Hostel
Hunts Farm BackpackersTe Kuiti82832Rate Hostel
In The Zone BackpackersRotoruaxxxRate Hostel
J's BackpackersHamiltonxxxRate Hostel
Juno HallWaitomo Caves84834Rate Hostel
Karioi Lodge and Surfing SchoolRaglanxxxRate Hostel
Kiwi Cave RaftingWaitomo Caves73730Rate Hostel
Lakehouse HotelRotoruaxxxRate Hostel
Little Village BpkrsRotoruaxxxRate Hostel
LKNZ LodgeOhakunexxxRate Hostel
Lyons LakestayRotoruaxxxRate Hostel
Matamata BackpackersMatamataxxxRate Hostel
Microtel BackpackersHamiltonxxxRate Hostel
National Park BackpackersNational Park Village81810Rate Hostel
National Park HotelNational Park VillagexxxRate Hostel
Nomads Kiwipaka Waitomo CavesWaitomo CavesxxxRate Hostel
Off the Track BackpackersTurangixxxRate Hostel
Oto-Kiwi Lodge -*CLOSED*OtorohangaxxxRate Hostel
Planet BackpackersRotoruaxxxRate Hostel
Plateau LodgeNational Park VillagexxxRate Hostel
Pukenui LodgeNational Park VillagexxxRate Hostel
Raetihi International AirportRaetihixxxRate Hostel
Raglan Backpackers & Water Front LodgeRaglan93934Rate Hostel
Raglan Surfing School (VIP)RaglanxxxRate Hostel
Rainbow LodgeTaupo80837Rate Hostel
Regent FlashpackersRotoruaxxxRate Hostel
Rimu Park LodgeOhakunexxxRate Hostel
River Valley LodgeTaihapexxxRate Hostel
Riverstone BackpackersTurangixxxRate Hostel
Rock Solid BackpackersRotoruaxxxRate Hostel
Rotorua Central BackpackersRotorua82835Rate Hostel
Rotorua Downtown BackpackersRotoruaxxxRate Hostel
Rusty Nail (formerly The Stockman's Lodge)TaihapexxxRate Hostel
Scott's PlaceRaglanxxxRate Hostel
Silver Fern LodgeTaupoxxxRate Hostel
Ski HausNational Park Village74740Rate Hostel
Skotel Alpine ResortNational Park VillagexxxRate Hostel
Skylark LodgeOhingaitixxxRate Hostel
Snowy Waters LodgeOhakunexxxRate Hostel
Solscape RaglanRaglanxxxRate Hostel
Spa Lodge BackpackersRotoruaxxxRate Hostel
Sportsmans LodgeTurangixxxRate Hostel
Station LodgeOhakunexxxRate Hostel
Station LodgeOhakunexxxRate Hostel
Sunset Lodge **CLOSED**TaupoxxxRate Hostel
Taupo Urban RetreatTaupoxxxRate Hostel
The Backyard Inn 'Kiwipaka'RotoruaxxxRate Hostel
The Beez NeezRotoruaxxxRate Hostel
The Crossing BackpackersNational Park VillagexxxRate Hostel
The Flying HedghogHamiltonxxxRate Hostel
The Lazy DogTurangixxxRate Hostel
The Lazy HedgehogWaitomo Te AngaxxxRate Hostel
The Park Hotel RuapehuNational Park VillagexxxRate Hostel
The Wall Backpackers (VIP)RotoruaxxxRate Hostel
Tiki LodgeTaupoxxxRate Hostel
Wades Landing LodgeRaurimuxxxRate Hostel
Waiotapu TavernRotoruaxxxRate Hostel
Whakapapa Holiday ParkNational Park VillagexxxRate Hostel
YHA Associate Castle Rock AdvWharepapa SthxxxRate Hostel
YHA Associate Club HabitatTurangixxxRate Hostel
YHA Helen Heywood HamiltonHamiltonxxxRate Hostel
YHA OhakuneOhakunexxxRate Hostel
YHA Rotorua - TreksRotoruaxxxRate Hostel
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