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Hostel NameTown/CityOfficial
BBP Rating
of Votes
Acantech AccommodationChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Akaroa Dolphin BackpackersAkaroaxxxRate Hostel
All Stars InnChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Around-the-World BkprsChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
At The Right PlaceChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Avon City BackpackersChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Bon Accord BackpackersAkaroaxxxRate Hostel
Brighton By The BeachChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Canterbury House BackpackersChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Celtic Backpackers Christchurch63630Rate Hostel
Charlie B's Backpackers ChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Chester Street BackpackersChristchurch818413Rate Hostel
Chez La Mer BackpackersAkaroa81826Rate Hostel
Coachman BackpackersChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Cokers Backpackers ChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Dorset HouseChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Double DutchAkaroa - Okains Bay98984Rate Hostel
DreamlandChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
DriftersChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Flock Hill LodgeArthurs Pass National ParkxxxRate Hostel
Foley TowersChristchurch878910Rate Hostel
Frauenreisehaus Womens HostelChristchurchxxxRate Hostel BackpackersChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Get Real BackpackersChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Haka Lodge ChristchurchChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Halfmoon CottageAkaroa - Barrys Bay989812Rate Hostel
Hanmer BackpackersHanmer SpringsxxxRate Hostel
Jack in the GreenHanmer Springs83839Rate Hostel
Jailhouse AccommodationChristchurch84856Rate Hostel
Jucy Snooze ChristchurchChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Kiwi BasecampChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Kiwi HouseChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Le Bons Bay BackpackersAkaroaxxxRate Hostel
Magicwaka BackpackersOxfordxxxRate Hostel
Mountain HouseArthurs Pass National ParkxxxRate Hostel
New City HotelChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
New Excelsior BackpackersChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Occidental BackpackersChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Onuku Farm HostelAkaroa - Onuku90901Rate Hostel
Oxford Queenette BackpackersOxford00Rate Hostel
Point Break BackpackersChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Rata Lodge BackpackersArthurs Pass Nat Park - Otira83832Rate Hostel
Rucksacker Backpacker HostelChristchurch78780Rate Hostel
Sir Cedric's City Oasis BpkrsChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Springfield Hotel & QSB BackpackersSpringfieldxxxRate Hostel
Stonehurst AccommodationChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Summer Poly BackpackersChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Sunshine House AccommodationChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
The Marine BackpackersChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
The Old CountryhouseChristchurch83831Rate Hostel
The SanctuaryArthurs Pass National Park66663Rate Hostel
Tranquil LodgeChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Tunnel Vision Backpackers (Lyttelton) ** CLOSED**ChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
UrbanzChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
Vagabond BackpackersChristchurch75686Rate Hostel
Waipara SleepersWaipara71733Rate Hostel
Warners CentralChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
YHA Sir Arthur Dudley DobsonArthurs Pass National ParkxxxRate Hostel
YHA Associate KakapoHanmer SpringsxxxRate Hostel
YHA Associate Mt Vernon LodgeAkaroaxxxRate Hostel
YHA Associate Smilie's HostelSpringfieldxxxRate Hostel
YHA Christchurch (Hereford St)ChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
YHA City CentralChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
YHA Rolleston HouseChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
YMCAChristchurchxxxRate Hostel
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