BBH Ratings (BPP%)

Best in Class - 2017/18

CategoryHostelBPP %
Supreme AwardHopewell 2002-201799
Fewer than 21 bedsHalfmoon Cottage98
21-40 bedsThe Innlet93
41-70 bedsRaglan Backpackers95
71-100 bedsFoley Towers87
101+ bedsTe Anau Lakefront Backpackers81

4,000 Experts Can't be Wrong !!

Over 3000 guests take part in the BBH February survey each year to determine the BPP% (Backpacker Perception Percentage(c)) ratings published in the current BBH Guide.

We don't ask them to count the toilets or to measure the shower temperature or ask if the manager has a bad attitude. ALL of those things (and many more) determine whether you will enjoy any particular hostel, so we simply ask "On a scale of 1 to 10, how much did you enjoy staying at each of the Backpacker Hostels you've used in New Zealand?"

The survey adds nearly 40,000 individual ratings to our database to provide a BPP(c) rating for every hostel in NZ.

  • The mean score is around 77%.
  • The lowest published rating is 46%
  • The highest - a magnificent 97% - Just imagine how good that has to be!

The BPP(c) rating is an excellent relative indication of the TOTAL quality of a hostel, but do remember that it's much easier to achieve a high rating at a small personal hostel in an idyllic rural setting than in a city location where a hostel is necessarily bigger and busier.

Smaller or more remote hostels may not receive a sufficient number of reports to give a reliable rating. These are shown as an "i" in the BPP column. New hostels that were not included in the survey get a "J".

The BBH system gives a much more accurate and responsive assessment of suitability for purpose than the conventional facility based "star" ratings employed for more ordinary styles of tourist accommodation. Star ratings are usually based on the impressions of a single assessor who inspects only a part of a hostel on a day which is pre-arranged to be most suitable for the operator. In comparison BBH's assessors (guests like you) arrive any day - even when a hostel's not looking its best - and stay for more than just a few hours.

A few BBHs also have NZ Qualmark star ratings. Comparing these with their BBH ratings might suggest that there is some correlation between the two systems. The BBH survey however shows that there is little. For example, one non-BBH hostel with 5 Qualmark stars, scores only 57% in the BBH customer satisfaction survey. Another with 4 plus stars rates only 48%. The lowest rated BBH this year has a BPP of 46%.

Some hostels choose not to belong to BBH. That choice may be made to avoid the publication of their BPP rating.

More than 90% of NZ's top 50 are BBH hostels. It doesn't take rocket science to work out that hostels that are BBH generally rate higher than those that are not . . . Our statistics confirm that this is so.

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