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EVERYONE is welcome at BBH

There's no shortage of International over-hyped commercial booking sites offering "best deals" and threatening to sell out fast. At BBH we'll just look after you as a guest, not as a consumer.

Pay as you go.  There is no tying up of funds with advance payments or deposits for accommodation.  No club card?  No problem.  For a one-off NZ$2 registration fee, pay an extra $4+ per person per night and still receive great value! See more on Pricing.

Buy and register a club card to pay on arrival with no added fees

Please Note: Add your BBH Club Card details to your Registration Page BEFORE you start making bookings, otherwise, Non Club Card holder premium rates WILL apply. See COST details below.  

The BBH system doesn't always provide real time confirmation, but we do promise a reply by or before midday (NZ time) on the day following your request. If you receive NO reply, then something has gone wrong and you should check your BBH bookings page.


  • Register to use the system to ensure credit card security.
  • Guarantee: Your credit card details act as a guarantee of payment in return for a guaranteed bed at a BBH establishment and is valid for the whole of your time in New Zealand.
  • A Registration Number is issued for your use to overcome the need repeatedly to supply your credit card numbers at hostels - see PHONE BOOKINGS below.
  • Pre-authorisation of credit card: Our secure system pre-checks your card's validity. We never release card numbers to hostels or any other third party. However, as is common practice around the world, some operators will require credit card details to be held when you check-in as a bond against costs incurred during your stay.


Club Card Holders: There are no fees on a pre-registered club card.  

You can register a Club Card number on your BBH Profile page at any time to get fee-free bookings, but ONLY for bookings made from that time forwards. 

Non-Card Holders:  Accommodation fees include a non-bbh premium of $4+ per person per night. This full amount is pre-authorised to the registered credit card 48 hours before the DATE of arrival, and charged to the credit card 24 hours before the date of arrival.

A $5 Pre-authorisation item may appear on your credit card account when the validity of your credit card is checked. The funds are NOT taken from your account but may be frozen for a few days.

There will be a fee if you cancel.

See Terms & Conditions for full details on all charges and fees.


Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to day of arrival (e.g. if arriving on Wednesday, you must cancel before midnight on Monday evening).
Cancel by logging on to your BBH menu and using the CANCEL tab next to the booking. You can also phone the hostel concerned and quoting your Registration and / or booking Number.
If you do make a phone cancellation, for your own security, please log on to your BBH profile as soon as possible to confirm that the booking has been cancelled correctly by the hostel operator.

Cancellation and No Show fees apply - view fees here >> Terms & Conditions

Group Bookings

The system will accept requests for small groups of up to six people. Bookings for larger groups will need to be made directly with individual hostels.

Phone Bookings - offer total flexibility

  • Simple. Secure. And no more credit card details being given out over the phone every day.
  • This is the PERFECT way to go for those who don't want to tie themselves down in advance to an itinerary that may change once they're on the road. Wait right up till the day of arrival before you book if you wish.
  • How?  REGISTER as described above, then simply phone the hostel and quote your BBH ID Number to the hostel operator. The operator will enter your booking on the BBH system and you can track it on your BBH registration menu.
  • You pay the operator when you arrive.
Now that's FLEXIBLE and it's what backpacking travel is all about... being prepared to change your mind and act on a whim! Go ahead - take a chance... regulated life is the norm for most, so here's your chance to break free - even if it's only for a trial!

View Terms and Conditions here.

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