Getting Around New Zealand

If Bus Tours are not your thing; if you like to be independent, making your own decisions - NZ offers plenty of opportunities!

  • Your Own Car can be a very good option if you're here for 8 weeks or more. We offer affordable BBH insurance for peace of mind motoring, and we recommend that you check the ownership of any vehicle before paying out any of your travel dollars. is a useful resource.
  • Rental cars are very affordable by world standards;
  • Cycling is excellent;
  • Hitching is fun (take normal precautions) & meet the locals;
  • Shuttle buses are often door to door.
  • Trains are becoming rare but there are on some amazing lines when you find one;
  • Airplanes are fastest with spectacular views.
  • Ferries cover the deep wet bits between islands.

Further resources to assist driving safe in NZ:

Check out your nearest BBH Hostel noticeboard or the BBH online notice board for more information

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