BBH is an Endangered Species

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In the next 12 months, International Online Travel Agents (OTAs) are expected to take more than Two hundred Million dollars from New Zealand’s Visitor Industry. These large internet booking sites have minimal investment in NZ, contribute almost nothing positive to visitors’ “experiences” here, and commonly pay little or no NZ tax.   

NZ is blessed with a small (4.5 million) welcoming population, spectacularly beautiful landscapes and attractive and rewarding opportunities for visitors. The $200 million charged by OTAs represents an average of $50 per visitor that would be better committed to the NZ economy to off-set some of tourism’s environmental and infrastructural costs.

For 30 years the BBH network has delighted travellers from around the world by providing specialised accommodation countrywide. Its original real-time, off-line, face-to-face-look, social medium networking gives travellers opportunities to get the most out of their travels, providing places to meet fellow travellers, encounter fresh ideas and philosophies and even life-changing experiences in super-convenient orremote and beautiful locations at reasonable, reliable prices. Sadly the intrusion of OTAs is fragmenting our network and is threatening the continued existence of BBH.  

In their own interest, OTAs create a sense that bookings are always essential and urgent with messages such as “two people are looking at this site” and “only 1 room of this type left”. The reality is that for much of the year in most places, advance bookings are just not necessary. A quick phone call will usually get you what you need at the last minute and may save on fees too. If you really HAVE to book, you can help NZ if you book directly with the operator or use a NZ booking engine such as BBH. 

Remember that details of many BBH hostels are found ONLY here on BBH, or on the hostel's own website.  

Make the most of your journey.

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Eric Foley

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