New Zealand Driving Distances & Times

NZ roads are often narrow and winding making overtaking difficult. We have few motorways. So although our distances are quite small by continental standards, you should allow extra time for your journey.

The open road speed limit is 100km/hr. Speed limits in urban areas are variable so watch the signs.

Remember to KEEP LEFT.

At roundabouts always give way to traffic coming from your right.

For Distances, Times and a Route Planner from a BBH Hostel to any New Zealand destination:

  • Bring up the Hostel's Profile page on the BBH web site - you can find the hostel at our Search By Area or Search By Map pages.
  • When the Hostel's Profile is displayed, click the Google Map and Street View link on the right side of the page.
  • This brings up our mapping page for the Hostel - move the mouse over Menu and click Route.
  • In the box provided, enter the city, town or address you want directions for and click Route.
  • The total journey length, estimated journey time and detailed driving instructions are displayed below.

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Distances In Kilometers

 189181607637670485574348508277294Franz Josef
Gisborne504 376494360604717187359148413Haast
Hamilton127394 280445996905189159242849Invercargill
Kaitaia325829452 57811071121299121352921Milford Sound
Napier423216296748 737672271449212630Mt Cook
New Plymouth369599242684412 113917986649211Nelson
Palmerston N.528394401853178234 8291000762324Picton
Rotorua234287107561225312331 18671600Queenstown
Taupo28035015360514329624982 231863Te Anau
Tauranga20629810753131139841786167 561Wanaka
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