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Use BBH for the most reliable trip budget information available.

BBH prices are all shown as per person per night in $NZD (including GST). They are guaranteed for holders of a valid BBH Club Card, Show guarantee details, and changed ONLY twice a year - 1 May and 1 October. Current prices are always shown on the BBH website.

Prices for users, WITHOUT a valid BBH Club Card, are guaranteed only for bookings made using the BBH online booking system, and may change without notice. But be sure - there's NO CHEAPER way to book a BBH online than the BBH online system itself.

Fees paid direct to a BBH, or through the BBH system all contribute to keeping the NZ backpacker network the great system it is. Large International Booking Engines (OTAs) all charge for their services to the cost of the network and ultimately lead to higher accommodation prices. Two or three generations of travellers have already enjoyed BBH. Support us whenever you can and help maintain a great system for future travellers.

Please note that if you DO use other systems, you'll find that our guarantees don't apply.

A BBH Club Card will identify you as a "frequent sleeper" at BBH hostels and your travel funds will last longer. Card benefits are available ONLY to the person named on the card.

Payment by credit card may be subject to a credit card processing fee at some BBHs.


BBH maintains a list of special events around NZ. Accommodation is likely to be at a premium around these dates, and BBH hostels are allowed to charge premium prices. You may want to avoid those locations at those times unless you want to participate! We indicate event pricing with this icon special event image shown on the Bookings and Requests hostel page.


Children under 16 years travelling share their caregiver's Club Card benefits. Not all BBHs are suitable for children - they are identified on each hostel's Listing Page and in our Guide book under the NOTES field.


BBH exists to help travellers enjoy the unique experiences that NZ has to offer. It's best enjoyed if you have the time and freedom to travel spontaneously. Large international booking engines (OTAs) make huge profits by encouraging advance bookings - even when bookings are really unnecessary.

For large parts of the year in most locations, bookings are an unnecessary cost and complication - especially if you're prepared to be a little flexible in your requirements.If you DO decide to book ahead, try to book directly with the BBH of your choice, or register with, and use, the BBH system for absolute security.

A $45 BBH Club Card can save you $4 each night too.

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